Philips AEDs: The Right Choice


Are some AEDs better than others?

AHST and several independent studies have concluded that Philips AEDs are the only Right Choice for you. In head-to-head tests, Philips significantly outperformed Heartronics, Zoll, and Cardiac Science.

To help answer your questions, AHST is happy to provide hands-on product demonstrations and comparisons at your office and at your convenience.

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Are Philips AEDs easy to use?

In the past, defibrillators were complicated and cumbersome. Only medical professionals with extensive training in heart rhythm interpretation could use them.

Today, Philips leads the market in developing lightweight portable public access Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) that are very easy to use. They are becoming increasingly present in public venues. You may have noticed them at the ballpark, airport, health club or in other locations. These devices are for YOU to use if you are present during a cardiac emergency. Audio and visual prompts guide the first responder from the moment the AED is removed from the wall.