Our Comprehensive AED Program



AHST is a full service training facility that provides professional in-service instruction and certification in AED use, CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens. After you purchase your AED, we will schedule a training session for you and your staff at your location and at your convenience. We will run through real life scenarios in our hands-on workshop so that everyone feels knowledgeable and comfortable enough to use your new AED in the event of an emergency.


AHST provides the best quality products on the market including the complete line of Philips AEDs. We are always affordable and convenient. For information on how to purchase your AED call us at 1-877-369-5888.

Medical Direction

AHST provides professional physician oversight and medical direction for every AED purchased from us. Our staff physicians are highly experienced emergency room/ trauma center doctors with vast knowledge in emergency cardiac care and treatments. They play an important role when your AED is used by providing immediate event review. Our physician provided event reviews, quality assurance, and emergency protocols are always held to the highest standard.

Customer Service

At AHST, we pride ourselves on being professional, timely and responsive to any and all of our customers’ needs. Throughout the State of California , AHST meets and exceeds these needs on a daily basis. We will prove to you that we are the company you can live with.

Product Support

American Health and Safety Training is very simply your solution to every aspect of an AED program. From sales to training to medical direction, we offer professional service, a fabulous product and a long term relationship. Our products AND services are 100% guaranteed. AHST will refund 100% of the original invoice with no questions asked.

An AED program is designed to last forever. You made the choice to provide a life saving device to your employees, students, and customers. AHST will be there with you all the way.