May 172010

American Health and Safety Training, Inc., a leading CPR, First Aid, AED training company for over 20 years, introduces a fast, easy and effective system for coaches, parents, and team members to get CPR safety training online!

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Developed by medical professionals who also happen to be coaches, this program includes sections on sport-specific injuries, injury prevention for athletes, and general safety tips.

CPR / FIRST AID / AED certification training for the busy coach.  In a short period of time you can now earn a two-year certification in CPR, first aid, and AED.

You love the game and you are a role model for the players. But facts are facts…at some point every player will be injured to some extent while performing physical activities and sports.  Your ability to respond and handle an emergency will greatly improve your confidence and reputation as a coach.  It will also build trust and confidence with the players and their parents.

An essential skill for you as a coach is the ability to care for your team in the event of injury when time is of the essence. You are the often the first adult at practice or a game to notice when one of your players is down and in danger of losing life or limb.

Failure to learn adequate first aid and CPR reduces your players’ chances of survival when they are seriously injured and exposes you to potential liability risks.

This course will give you the knowledge and confidence to win – in all situations.  Help yourself so that you can help your players!  Don’t be the person who just hopes it won’t happen to them.

Our system is simple, fast, affordable, and can even help you earn a FREE AED for your team, association, local gym, or school.

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